IMG_4267the enigma

tossing and turning
you are
the enigma

so bright your light can be
so dark your shadow
it is said from wounds
comes compassion

your heart, it feels the world
it is what i felt when i met you
when we sat across the table
i saw your light

i didn’t know then the darkness
because I knew not my own

i have a confession…
i’ve been having an intense affair.
it’s been more than 2 years now.

i have slowly, ever so slowly, been falling in love,
with myself- for the first time.

it is my darkness, my shadow
that stares back at me, unwaveringly,
that has given me permission to love.
and it is your darkness that has revealed itself again and again.
fall in love with yourself please
say hello to your shadow
so that we may love again.

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