September 21st

Andean Ayni Despacho Ceremony
4:30 – 5:30 pm

Come to honor autumn’s arrival, mother earth, balance, and gratitude for life.
This organic mandala is created with our energy, our prayers and intentions.
It becomes a bundle for clearing our energetic fields.
It transforms as a gift to the fire, later in the evening.
Bring a flower for the creation of the despacho. Dress for weather.

Gong Sound Healing with Marian Krauss
6 – 7:30 pm

Come for a sonic excursion, a sound healing inside the sacred magical space of the studio.
Bring mat/blankets/pillows and water.

Fire Ceremony
7:30- 8 pm

We offer the despacho bundle to the fire as well as our own private offerings via sticks, flowers, other earth burnable.
Bring a burnable offering for the fire. Dress for weather.

Afterwards, stay to share food and company. Bring a shared dish and the utensils and dishes required to serve.

Reservations required for the evening.
Please e-mail to RSVP
Christina @

Evening Fee $35
prepay with reservation

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